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Beginner's Childbirth and 
Newborn Basics Course

The format of our comprehensive Pre-Natal Education Course is a practical and informative seminar lasting approximately 5 ½ hours.  The purpose of our course is to educate parents on what to expect between 30 weeks gestation up to the birth of your child.


The beginning of the course starts with:


  • The basics of Labor and Delivery including when to go to the hospital, breathing techniques, relaxation methods and the various forms of pain relief.   


Then we move on to:


  • The normal progression of labor and pushing positions in a natural childbirth, including an explanation of potential complications during delivery.


And things you need to know once you have given birth:


  • We cover what to expect of your baby in that first hour in the delivery room and first few weeks at home
  • Participants will practice swaddling and diaper changing using dolls, learn burping positions, umbilical cord care, circumcision care and bathing of your baby.
  • Breastfeeding and other feeding options are discussed.


Other Benefits of This Course Include:


  • Small class sizes which allow for more individualized attention
  • Skilled, Qualified Labor and Delivery RNs teach every class
  • Snacks and water are provided
  • Can be completed in a Group format OR Private format

Group Childbirth Basics Course